Why President Uhuru Kenyatta Won’t Burn 15 Tonnes of Ivory

ivoryPresident Uhuru Kenyatta will not be burning 120 tonnes of Ivory as earlier indicated by the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) as the figure has been downgraded to 105 tonnes.

15 tonnes of larger tusks which weigh over 50 kgs will be spared from the inferno, over what has been termed as purposes of scientific research and posterity.

Truckloads of elephant tusks have been arriving in Nairobi from across the country ahead of the destruction of the Ivory stockpile set for April 30, at the Nairobi National Park.

This will be the biggest stockpile of Ivory to ever be destroyed and the historic occasion will be attended by Hollywood celebrities, business moguls, Heads of State and other world dignitaries.

The burning of the Ivory is expected to demonstrate Kenya’s zero tolerance for poaching and illegal ivory trade. President Kenyatta will address the poaching crisis in the country before setting ablaze the huge ivory cache

Among the prominent people set to attend are actors Leonardo Dicaprio and Nicole Kidman, musician Elton John, former basketball player Yao Ming, and business moguls Paul Allen, Howard Buffet, Michael Bloomberg and George Soros.

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Source: kenyans.co.ke



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