Meet Classy E, an upcoming R&B/Afrobeats artiste

Classy E, also known as Robert Elijah Chuks, is a European-based upcoming R&B/Afrobeats artiste who originates from Nigeria. The single ‘Number 1’ is an R&B song which talks about true love.

According to Classy E, he has always loved entertainment, even during his primary and secondary school days.

He was inspired by a friend to start a music career, who was into hiphop. Robert used to be stand-up comedian before venturing into music. Many years ago, they we were seated in the afternoon drinking and having fun. Then his friend started rapping and Classy E joined him. According to the artiste, everyone started to shout and hail him, telling him to keep on doing what he is doing. Later that day, his friend promised him take him to the studio. Eventually, they went and he recorded his first single titled ‘Shake’.



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