Movie Alert: Onwomtufuo Saman 1&2

Onwomtufuo Saman is about an artiste called Ricky who was accused of the rape of his girlfriend Aboagyewaa, which occurred at night by a group of men. It happened after she refused to have sex with him and take her home as usual. He manages a hotel together with his big sister. Aboagyewa told Ricky a number of times that she doesn’t want to have pre-marital sex with him. At some point, he had sex with Mona (former back-up singer of Ricky) in his car and the sound engineer caught them red-handed, which got her fired afterwards. Due to Mona being jealous of Ricky’s relationship with Aboagyewaa, she planned to destroy their relationship and cause trouble for him. One day, he was listening to music outside and got shot by a man who seemed to be his lost twin brother. Ricky survived but committed suicide. After his death, Aboagyewaa turned into a mad person. The movie was directed by Kofi Yeboah, CEO of 2 Face Productions. He acted in the movie as well!

Watch out for part 3! Stay tuned!






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