Ghanaian Pharmacist who was based in the USA Died in 37 Military hospital Due To Shortage of Oxygen

Popular Germany-based personality Nana Prempeh expressed his frustration concerning the negligence of some nurses in some Ghanaian hospitals. A Ghanaian male pharmacist, who was based in the USA, arrived in Ghana on June 14 for holidays. While he was in his hotel, he started having pains in his heart. He then called a taxi driver to take him to the hospital. While he was at the 37 Military Hospital, he told a nurse that he was dying and that he needed oxgyen. The nurse ignored and neglected him.

It’s very bad there are some big hospitals in Ghana that still lack oxgyen. It’s a disgrace and the government of Ghana has to do something about this! Numerous people in Ghana have died in hospitals due to the negligence of some doctors and nurses! It must stop!


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