The first time I tried to kill myself was by drinking bleach – Princess Shyngle reveals

Ghana-based actress Princess Shyngle of Gambian origin revealed on Total Showbiz on Monday 21 August, 2017 that she first attempted suicide when she was 11 years old. Shyngle was playing with her younger brother who was a baby at the time. He accidentally fell of which it caused injuries to his head. He was rushed to the hospital. Shyngle thought that she killed her brother, which resorted her to attempt suicide. He survived the injuries.

Shyngle was diagnosed with depression three years ago and is suffering from it since she was 11 years old. She sees it as a disease, although some people may disagree with her. Moreover, the actress is suffering from anxiety and can’t take disappointment. She confessed that she doesn’t know how to handle depression. Currently, she is going to therapy.

Princess Shyngle also revealed that she is single at the moment.



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