Slaying with Pregnancy Bump – Maternity Fashion Tips

Just so you know: being pregnant doesn’t mean giving up your personal style. Far gone are the days when pregnant women stayed indoors and despised attending social events just because they had issues with dressing up their bulge. Who ever said that pregnant women cannot slay with their baby bumps in glitz? There are so many maternity options now that flattering your beautiful shape (whether you are carrying high or low or are small or big all over) is easy.
When it comes to dressing during pregnancy, comfort and style are key. But what feels right in week 9 may feel downright wrong by week 14. And what perfectly complements your curves during the second trimester may become rather lewd by the tail end of your pregnancy. Here are some general tips on looking your best no matter how big you and your bump become.

First Trimester
Challenge: The first trimester of pregnancy may not be that much of a challenge with regards to your choice of clothing. The pregnancy bump is still growing so most women simply put on their usual clothing and it’s not much of a worry. However, the challenge to some people is keeping their pregnancy under wraps. Many people don’t want to divulge their growing secret until at least the second trimester.
Tip: To keep your pregnancy under wraps, the tip is to put aside anything that is too tight-fitting in your closet. Stick with clothes that have outlines to flow over the belly, hips and thighs that can conceal the few pounds you may gain in the first month. Another great piece is to wear a “blouson” style top – that is, one that has a fitted waistband at the bottom but some spaciousness above the band.

Second Trimester
Challenge: Things become quite difficult at this stage of pregnancy, especially when you plan a low budget on new clothing. You feel like every few weeks you’re a new size and don’t want to blow your budget on new stash of clothes every month. Another challenge is having your boobs busting all over.
Tip: Invest in a few items that will grow with you. Look for pieces that have details like tie-backs, buttons or gathering at the sides, and wraps, which will all let you adjust your clothing as your body grows and changes. What’s more, they will let you flatteringly flaunt your bump, which usually pops out during this time. With an increase in breast size, while you may choose to go for bigger sizes of your favourite bra, you might want to consider the comfort and expandability of maternity or nursing bras. Another versatile item to choose is a pair of dark denim maternity boot-cut jeans with the stretchy fabric built right into the waistband. The cut and colour should flatter you throughout the entire pregnancy and work for almost any work or social situation.

Last Trimester
Challenge: At this stage of labouring through the last months, the challenge is that you feel huge and uncomfortable. Buttons, zippers and even waistbands are increasingly torturing. There’s also the case of getting bored with your clothes and you don’t want to buy more.
Tip: It is suitable to wear an ankle-length flowing knit dress that you can wear even after the baby has arrived. The added benefit is that such cloth is so easy to wear – you just throw it on and you’re good to go. To feel comfy and stylish, you could put on a pair of tunic in a comfy knit fabric over maternity leggings. It’s great to match your accessories to the swagger of your bump. As your belly grows, swap out the shy earrings for bigger, bolder ones. Don’t be afraid to add a little drama to your look – have fun dressing around your belly. Try a bright chunky necklace and matching cocktail ring. Impressive shoes can punch up any outfit you’re currently sick of. Choose shoes that have a slightly pointy toe instead of a rounded one, which can make your legs look shorter.
These tips aren’t exhaustive of the numerous maternity styles you can put on to compliment your bump perfectly but I’m certain they’ll be of much help.

Written by Francis Aheto



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