Mind Your Mobile Phone Manners With These Tips – 2


From the first part of this article, I’m sure you rogered that the basic principle of phone etiquette is that it’s not other people’s responsibility to tolerate your mobile phone use; it is your responsibility to use your mobile phone inoffensively. Ignore this principle and you’re sure to be rude! Well, lets continue with some more tips:

With phone call ethics, it is prudent to stay away from others while talking on the phone and don’t speak too loudly. As a few people will be curious to know what you are talking about, most people don’t want to hear what you’re screaming about. In fact, according to researchers at Connel University’s publication in Los Angeles Times, hearing half of someone’s conversation distracts people from their activities and can lower their cognitive ability.

For the same reasons and much more for security reasons, avoid making private calls in public places such as in buses. Why will you even want to make business calls to the hearing of everyone? Never also put your phone call on loud speaker in public. I get shocked and annoyed when I see educated people acting unprofessionally. I once sat in a bus where a marriage counselor and sex therapist was openly counseling a married woman about sex in a phone call conversation. It was rather bad of her to do that.

No matter how urgent a call is, if the conversation is a classified one, ignore the call when you are in a public place and call back later! It’s simple! Private means private! Never ignore phone call privacy. It is also rude and illegal to hack people’s phone passwords or use their phones to make calls, read their messages or watch their photos without their prior approval or consent.

In the same way, avoid listening to music or watching videos in an open place with the volume so high. No one is stopping you from enjoying your favourite music for an earphone could be used instead. We complain daily of air, land and water pollution but we’re ignorant of audio pollution. Be cognizant that others around you don’t appreciate the sounds emanating from your phone or tablet.

Before you use your mobile device to take photos or video of your friend who is drooling in sleep, naked in the bathroom or drunk and sharing on social media, remember the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

On social media, not everyone especially those you don’t really know likes to be tagged in photos (even flattering ones) so try asking their permission before you do so. Same applies to making people’s picture your profile pictures on Whatsapp. Of course, except you want to do this as a birthday surprise or wish.

When on a phone call with someone, avoid being distracted by speaking with others around you. This makes the phone call receiver look unimportant. Never also try shushing person-to-person conversations near you while you’re on phone. This will make them angry with you since it is a public place meant for everyone and not for only you hence if you find a call private, why not make it in a private place?


distract phone

Bad phone manners have cost many relationships. Our phones seem to send us to a realm farther from our loved ones (family, friends and lovers) as we get plugged to the digital realm and sent much more closer to people he hardly know. One thing you should avoid doing is using your phone actively whilst you have a visitor, friend or anyone close with you. The physical world can be interesting if you can stash you device away long enough to notice it.

Let’s also learn to be patient when talking on phone so as to communicate effectively to build better relationships.
There are lots to talk about but all I want to say is that when we are mindful of the above listed etiquette, we would enjoy the best of our mobile devices without being rude to others. You’ve made this part of this year’s resolutions, right? Your phone can be a wealth than a liability!

source: pniridescent.com


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