Red, Gold, Green and Black Star?


When was the last time you heard the national anthem being sung? Hmm, perhaps months back when the ‘Black Stars’ played a football match which they lost after all. When I asked, “When was the last time you heard the national anthem being sung”, you least considered hearing yourself singing it, right? Or should I have been clearer by asking, “When was the last time you sung the national anthem?”

Over the years, I have seen many a Ghanaian unstrap the cloth of patriotism from their bodies which once glorified their humble selves. Years back, my grandma tells me that every corner of Ghana was decorated with the colours: red, gold and green. With the national flag which had a cocktail of these colours hoisted up high above Afadjato in many schools, pupils sung heartily, the anthem of their beloved nation. Not only that, she claims (if not sheer exaggeration) that citizens were arrested for failing to stand still when the anthem or pledge was being played or sung on any occasion.The situation is not the same today . When no one wants to be called a Ghanaian and feel ashamed when called as such.

What is the cause of the Ghanaian being unpatriotic and losing interest in national affairs? Is it because of the poor governance in the nation, embezzlement of funds, outrageous increment in price of goods, low standard of living or what?  I don’t want to believe that unpatriotism is a form of modernisation when we live in the time where everyone is to himself and Jesus is for us all.

It is true that things are not going on well with our nation for some time now but that doesn’t guarantee us to relaxing our duties and obligations as Ghanaians. Ceasing to be the Ghanaians we used to be will imply that we don’t have to enjoy the Ghanaian right and any privilege a Ghanaian enjoys. Let’s show hospitality to one another of which we are identified with.

Let there be peace, unity, social cohesion and above all, national integration like never before. Can we promise to stop littering our streets with tons of refuse indiscriminately? Can the Ghanaian policeman vow to refuse a one Ghana cedi note (which must have been well handled) bribe from a driver who will also pledge not to drink while driving? Will the media pledge not to incite people into political fights and provide us with information that will maximize our progress as a nation? When we come together as one people, with one identity and one vision, we will shine brighter that the sun will stare at us with jealousy with the stars envying our radiance for ‘dumso’ will be a myth in our land of gold even till when we get old.

The stains of the blood of our ancestors who fought for our freedom stays RED in our minds, our untapped minerals and wealth sleeps in the earth, YELLOW and our vegetation exudes with the fruitfulness of GREEN. Are we truly the BLACK STAR of Africa? Ghana has got great potentials and has come far after her independence.

Let’s strive to keep that which we cherish, our nation dear to our hearts in order to achieve the productive Ghana we all dream of. Otherwise, I see a day when posterity, our great grandchildren will question us mockingly,” RED, GOLD, GREEN, BLACK STAR?”

Today marks the 61st year after Ghana attained independence. It is a cause for celebration; a call for patriotism, nationalism and peace. Our individual and collective efforts are requisite for materializing the “better Ghana” our ancestors dream of.

God has blessed our homeland Ghana, and it’s up to you and I to make our nation great and strong. ~ Francis Aheto

Ayekoo to all Ghanaians! Happy independence day! Happy self-reliance day!?



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