A mini-tour of Fashion for Good Museum

Fashion for Good is a platform for sustainable fashion innovation in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
The Fashion for Good Museum is an interactive fashion museum for the future of fashion, where the organisation tells the stories behind the clothes you wear and how your choices can have a positive impact on people and our planet.

The mission is to bring together the entire fashion ecosystem through their Innovation Platform and as a convenor for change.

Fashion for Good was launched in March 2017 by co-founders William McDonough and Laudes Foundation.

I went to the museum on Friday 29 April, 2022. It is not so far from Amsterdam Central station. As I entered the museum, I received a warm welcome from a female receptionist. She gave me a card with a floor map of the museum that visitors can go to. Moreover, I was given an Action bracelet. It is used to commit to actions and earn badges on one’s fashion journey. You put it on an object for some seconds and then information appears on a screen.

The ‘Good’ in Fashion for Good™

Good fashion is not fashion that simply looks good or is mostly good. It is good in five important ways:

Good Materials  –  safe, healthy and designed for reuse and recycling
Good Economy  – growing, circular, shared and benefiting everyone
Good Energy  – renewable and clean
Good Water  – clean and available to all
Good Lives  – living and working conditions that are just, safe and dignified

With regards to their Innovation Hub, they focus on sparking and scaling technologies and business models that have the greatest potential to transform the industry. Moreover, they provide support to innovators based on their business maturity through three key programmes: Accelerator, Scaling Programme and Good Fashion Fund.

See the difference between raw cotton (right) and clean cotton (left). It is separated from the seed during the grinning process.

These are kapok pods filled with kapok fiber and seeds.

This cloud is made of 100% kapok fiber.

Read more about Fashion for Good by clicking on the link: Fashion For Good

Location: Rokin 102, 1012 KZ Amsterdam

Credit: pniridescent.com


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