My Trip To London August 2013

I travelled to England last week friday exclusively for the Africa Fashion Week London 2013. It was a three-day event from 1-3 August. I enjoyed my stay while I was in England. I stayed at the Rennaisance London Hotel in Heathrow.

Before I left for the even saturday morning, I arranged a wireless connection for my laptop in order to blog later. It took me about one and a half hours to get to Brick Lane, where the event took place.

Brick Lane is a very buys place. I finally met a friend of mine at the AFWL, who arrived at the event earlier than I. We went to eat and sat down having a conversation. Right after that, we were looking for a free cashpoint so I could withdraw some money to buy a few things at the event.

I spoke with one of the designers at the exhibition area and she goes by the name of Anaisa Monteiro. She is the founder of Anaisarts. She is such a friendly person.

From left to right. Eva de Figueiredo and Anaisa Monteiro

I enjoyed the conversation that we had. Eva was so kind to demonstrate a few different styles of head-wrapping to my friend I. Head-wrapping is gradually becoming a trend. I’m glad I purchased some items from Anaisa Monteiro.

Some people gave me compliments about my mSimps bag from the Hexagon Collection.

The fashion show was a blast. Collections from fashion labels Kaveke and Ella & Gabby which showcased their collections on the runway are outstanding! The creativity of the collections added gaiety to the astonishment of the audience. Read more about the fashion show here: Third Day African Fashion Show London 2013

Before my friend and I headed home, we went to Green Park  to find a restaurant in order to get some food to eat. We eventually went to Caffe Concerto. I ate Ravioli and I had watermelon sorbet as dessert.

It was getting late so we went to Picadilly Circus station, which is near the restaurant. Thereafter, we went our separate ways. I sure did enjoy my trip to London.


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