Let Go Of That Hurt And Release That Pain

I came across these wise words of encouragement from Trent Shelton on Facebook:

It’s time to LET GO of that hurt and release that pain. Your tears have served the ground for far too long. It’s time to practice that smile daily, and it’s time for you to LET GO of the things that are stripping your heart of its happiness. You can’t HEAL by going back to the hurt, and you can’t receive your future by holding on to your past. You have to learn how to stop pressing reply on the things that need to be deleted from your life. Stop getting upset with God for not closing a door that YOU choose to keep opened. You can’t get your life together by staying involved with the things that are tearing your life apart. Why complain about a situation that you aren’t willing to change. Sometimes we can’t control getting hurt, I understand that, but rehearsing the same pain is always choice. Driving down the same road that led you no where, IS A CHOICE. Living that same lifestyle that led you to heart break, IS A CHOICE. Giving your trust back those who have abused it, IS A CHOICE. You might not be in control of what they give you, but you’re always in control of what you accept. Don’t live life hurt, you’re too strong for that.

LOVE YOU ALL! – Trent Shelton ‪#‎RehabTime‬


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