2013 RECAP: Frederick Eugene Buhl Laid To Rest, Kwadwo Nkansah, Buk Bak, Ronnie Coches, cedeArtist And More

There are numerous articles I published online. Here are some of the articles that really attracted readers in the year 2013:

The article “Frederick Eugene Buhl Laid To Rest” is actually the most viewed article on my blog. He was a Youtube personality who committed suicide on 5 January 2013.


His death came as a shock to everyone. He had so many plans in 2013 but it’s sad that he took his own life. I know that his fans will keep on remembering him, even in 2014.

A number of pictures surfaced online of who the wife of Kwadwo Nkansah looked like. She is called Patricia Afriyie. I couldn’t stand the fact that picture there were false publications of what she really looked like. The woman standing next to him in the picture in this picture is his wife. She has been with him for many years and he ain’t gonna leave her ooo, even while he’s so popular. That is true love. She recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. I wish them all the best in raising their child.

I was so happy when I got the chance to interview Prince Bright of Buk Bak! (Read the interview here if you missed it).

Prince Bright and Ronnie Coaches

Prince Bright and the late Ronnie Coches

He talked about how Buk Bak was formed, music, the late Ronnie Coches and why he didn’t attend the one week celebration MUSIGA organised for Ronnie Coches. Ronnie coaches died due to cardiac arrest on Thursday 21 November 2013. A publication surfaced online that he died of lack of oxygen at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana. On the contrary, someone that works for the hospital said that there was sufficient oxgyen at the hospital and it was up to the family of Ronnie Coches to disclose the real cause of his death. May his soul rest in peace.

Bright and two-shyXray, Prince Bright and 2-shy. Photo credit: Maxwell Jennings

The Ronnie Coaches Lives On Fundraising event went down at Sam’s Cafe in The Bronx on Dec 15. Many artists including Bright of Buk Bak, Nana Boroo, Xray, 2-Shy, Nana Nyc, Boogiedown Nima and Tina Green where present to support the event. All donations went to the family of Ronnie Coaches. There were also free Ronnie t-shirts giveaways.

Ekow Smith AsanteThe whole drama and about Kumawood movies, or twi movies, is it jealousy or what? I know Ghana-English movies haven’t really been produced for a while now but Kumawood movies are booming at the moment. Read here what Ghanaian actor Ekow Smith-Asante said about Twi movies if you missed it. Many actors from the Ghana-English movie arena criticized Twi movies. To be honest, no one cares. People that love Twi movies will continue watching them and I am part of those people. Lol

Check out this awesome digital painting of  Kwadwo Nkansah by cedeArtist, also known as Lewis Agyeman.


Vanessa VanDyke

Before I move on to the next article, Vanessa VanDyke has a Dutch surname though. It’s only  ‘Van’ and ‘Dyke’ are not separated and spelt differently but this surname ‘van Dijk’ is really common in Holland. Back to the 2013 RECAP!

A Central Florida teen told Local 6 on Monday she faced expulsion because administrators at her private school wanted her to cut and shape her hair. But a day later, administrators appeared to have changed their mind, saying she will not be expelled. Read more here.

Cindy Brown was an ex-agent of Satan and came to contact with different demons. She even spoke to Jezebel in the spiritual realm. She eventually gave her life to Christ and became an evangelist.

Let those who have ears hear the spirit of God. Repent of your sins. Accept Jesus as your personal Saviour.

Too many christians are hypocrites and playing games. Be serious with your Christian life.
Pray for others to accept Jesus. Pray for your family. Jesus lives!. He is willing and just to forgive your sins.

It doesn’t matter how many souls you have won for Christ. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling everyday. Heaven and hell is real. You chose where you want to spend eternity.

I came across these wise words of encouragement from Trent Shelton on Facebook:

It’s time to LET GO of that hurt and release that pain. Your tears have served the ground for far too long. It’s time to practice that smile daily, and it’s time for you to LET GO of the things that are stripping your heart of its happiness. You can’t HEAL by going back to the hurt, and you can’t receive your future by holding on to your past. You have to learn how to stop pressing reply on the things that need to be deleted from your life. Stop getting upset with God for not closing a door that YOU choose to keep opened. You can’t get your life together by staying involved with the things that are tearing your life apart. Why complain about a situation that you aren’t willing to change. Sometimes we can’t control getting hurt, I understand that, but rehearsing the same pain is always choice. Driving down the same road that led you no where, IS A CHOICE. Living that same lifestyle that led you to heart break, IS A CHOICE. Giving your trust back those who have abused it, IS A CHOICE. You might not be in control of what they give you, but you’re always in control of what you accept. Don’t live life hurt, you’re too strong for that.

LOVE YOU ALL! – Trent Shelton ‪#‎RehabTime‬

Cut Off Fake People For Reasons


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