EXCLUSIVE PICS: Ronnie Coches Lives On Fundraising Event

Bright and two-shy

Xray, Bright of Buk Bak and 2-Shy

The Ronnie Coches Lives On Fundraising event went down at Sam’s Cafe in The Bronx on Dec 15. Many artists including Bright of Buk Bak, Nana Boroo, Xray, 2-Shy, Nana Nyc, Boogiedown Nima and Tina Green where present to support the event. All donations went to the family of Ronnie Coches. There were also free Ronnie t-shirts giveaways.

It was a time of mourning. On the other hand, it looked more like a celebration of Ronnie Coches’ life. Bright of Buk Bak gave a speech about how his late brother lives on.

Check out some of the pictures:

Bright of Buk Bak fame

Nana Nyc

Nana Boroo

Boogiedown Nima and Bright 

Credit of pictures goes to Maxwell Jennings Photography


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