Why Lady Saw And Macka Diamond Are No Longer Friends

Lady Saw, also known as Mumma Saw, Queen of the Dancehall, had a clash with Macka Diamond at STING 2013. Lady Saw was obviously the winner of the clash. Macka Diamond was trying to find the right lyrics to diss Lady Saw. Anyway, Lady Saw was prepared. They were friends before. Lady Saw was interviewed by Reshma B and she explained why she and Macka Diamond are no longer friends. According to Lady Saw, she is a liar and talks about people behind their back. She even spread lies about Lady Saw. Due to that, the Queen of the dancehall wanted to shut her up once and for all. So she tweeted a few weeks back that she wanted to have a clash with her at STING 2013.

Reshma B caught up with Macka Diamond as well. According to Macka Diamond, she doesn’t know why Lady Saw has a beef with her. On the contrary to that reaction, Lady Saw called her a liar. Macka Diamond would like to have another clash with her but that ain’t gonna happen because Lady Saw has made it clear that she is done with her.


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