The Year 2013 Is Coming To An End! My Advices To You!


Yes. I’m glad that 2013 is coming to an end because it was a very bad year for me. I have learned a lot in 2013! I had so many ups and downs but God was still with me. I ain’t perfect but God’s grace is still upon me. You think maybe someone that you liked in the past or present is still the one for you but if God say said before he/she is not for you, He had a reason for saying that! It’s not easy but you will understand it with time. Always ask God for revelation. He will surely reveal to you the truth.

Don’t find love. Let love find you. God will bring the right woman/man at the right time, who willl love you for who you are. You may think “Am I ever going to be loved?”. Trust God. He knows what’s best for you.

God can reveal to you who your real enemies are. He can reveal to you who is fighting against you day and night. Don’t underestimate His love for you.

The devil himself is a liar. He will always try and bring you down even if you know that someone in particular that you like is not the one you should be with. Don’t let him get to you. Don’t think HEY! I must have him/her. It’s not possible oooo. Some people come your way for a reason. Some people come your way to bless you.


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