My Interview With Bisa Kdei


Bisa Kdei is a Ghanaian singer, songwriter and producer who has been in the music industry for 15 years but went mainstream last year. He is known in real life as Kwaku Dei Appiah. The 27-year-old  recording artiste and producer hails from Larteh in the Eastern Region. He graduated from Accra Technical Training Center in 2003 where he studied Architecture. Moreover, he produced the song ‘Ayi’ by Criss Waddle.

I had an interview with him yesterday. In this interview different aspects covered such as his music, the struggle he faced as an artiste, and his experience in working with Ghanaian actor Kwadwo Nkansah.

PNIridescent: Apart from being a singer, you’re a producer as well. For how long have u been producing songs?

Bisa Kdei: Six years now.

PNIridescent: What are the struggles you have faced as an artiste?

Bisa Kdei: I found it difficult coming up. Sometimes, I had to struggle for money just to go to the studio for a demo before I started producing. And the most hurting thing is after you record and you show it to someone who might be of help to you, the person turn his/her back on you and sometimes the things the person says kills the spirit. Everyone wants someone who is popular to promote.

PNIridescent: How did the filmmakers of ‘Azonto Ghost’ and ‘Azonto Ghost Reloaded’ contact you to write soundtracks for their movies?

Bisa Kdei: I had love for graphics. So I started motion graphics and started working with most of the movie producers, creating their motion because I produce. I was introduced to Mustapha Adams of AA Production who had so much belief in me and asked me to do a song for his movie Azonto Ghost and it continued from there.

PNIridescent: Did you ever think that the song ‘Azonto Ghost’ would be a huge hit?

Bisa Kdei: I did a song for a Ghanaian movie called ‘The Game’ and the song was everywhere but I didn’t really know anybody during that period so I couldn’t use that opportunity to explore then. Azonto Ghost came in the picture so I knew it was going to be big but not to that extent. And I was so surprised to see my song being played all over the world.

PNIridescent: I like the beat though. You’re very talented. You even got a small girl that I know in Amsterdam, singing ‘Azonto Fiesta’.

Bisa Kdei: Thanks.

PNIridescent: Tell me about your experience in working with Kwadwo Nkansah.

Bisa Kdei: Well, it was such a great experience working with an actor and a comedian as well. I had to pull him to my video shoot after a great show we had together at the stadium. On set, anything he says will make everyone laugh and I think that’s what made the beauty of the whole thing but I was aggressive at the same time even though I laughed cause that was my first video(Over) and I needed to shoot it tight.

PNIridescent: How did you come up with the artiste name ‘Bisa Kdei’?

Bisa Kdei: ‘Bisa’ means Boys In Serious Action. But the Kdei is my real name. I was in a group which still exists before I switched to doing my solo project.

PNIridescent: When was the group formed? How was it being in a group?

Bisa Kdei: The group was formed six years ago. It’s not easy being in a group especially when you are the leader. You take decisions so everyone is looking up to you and sometimes you plan on something and the other parties don’t agree. It’s like a whole burden on you. It’s hard.

PNIridescent: Were you the leader of the group at the time?

Bisa Kdei: Yes.

PNIridescent: What are your plans concerning music in 2014?

Bisa Kdei: I dropped my album last year so this year, I’m planning an album tour by touring the whole of Ghana and apart from that too I have plans of collaborating with some other artistes in Africa.

PNIridescent: Wow. Big things!

Bisa Kdei: Hehe.

PNIridescent: Tell me more about yourself. People know you as an artiste but who is Kwaku Dei Appiah in person?

Bisa Kdei: I would describe myself to be an introvert but fun to be with and I hardly go out because I am always tied up in the studio trying to cook something up. My life is all about music.

PNIridescent: Will you be doing anything with Architecture in the near future?

Bisa Kdei: Yes.

PNIridescent: Your last words to the fans before the end of this interview.

Bisa Kdei: I want to tell all my fans to keep supporting me in my career and everything. I’m just going to make them proud.

PNIridescent: Thank you for this interview.

Bisa Kdei: You’re welcome.

Bisa Kdei

His latest album ‘Thanksgiving’ is available on iTunes. You can purchase it by clicking here.

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