I Just Haven’t Found My Adam – Sandra Ankobiah


TV presenter, model, actress and lawyer Sandra Ankobiah opened up to arts writer Francis Doku last Friday during the latter’s weekly interview of Ghanaian celebrities on social media site Twitter dubbed #FridayTwitterview.

The interview covered several areas including Ankobiah’s career, her aspirations for the year 2014 and her ideal man.

Francis: Hi Sandra how are you today and how is 2014 treating you?

Sandra: Hi!!! I’m fantastic! Happy New Year!! 2014…Hmm so far, so good.

Francis: Did you make any resolutions for the year?

Sandra: I did. I made two. The first is to be better with my time management (I’m almost always late!). The second was to pray that all my aspirations and goals are fulfilled.

Francis: hahaha…I can relate to that. Let’s dwell on the mood of the country for a moment. What do you have to say about Dumor?

Sandra: I’m deeply saddened that we have lost such a gem. I admired him for his eloquence. His diction was impeccable. May he RIP.

Francis: Tell me about how you found yourself in the media? Or did the media find you?

Sandra: I think it started off with the TV show, Fashion 101.

Francis: How did that start? What motivated Fashion 101?

Sandra: I was inspired by the E’s Fashion Police show and of course my passion for fashion.

Francis: Tell me about fashion. Do you think we are getting it right or we are nowhere close?

Sandra: I think we get better every day. We learn every day. As with anything else, it’s a learning process. Our fashion industry is a burgeoning one. Still in its nurturing stages. But we have come a long way in the last few years.

Francis: Have you abandoned Fashion 101 for New Day?

Sandra: New Day is not a replacement for Fashion 101. Indeed they are different brands and concepts with completely different demographics. But in all honesty, I’ve decided to move on to my first love which is the Law. I studied Law for a reason. And that is to help people and make a difference. People are languishing in our prisons because they do not have access to legal representation. Legal representation is a constitutional right of every Ghanaian. Some just can’t afford it, but it doesn’t mean they should be denied justice. Some things are just more important than others. So when I weighed Fashion 101 and offering legal aid, the scale just tipped in favour of offering legal aid.

Francis: To recap, you’ll continue to present New Day, you will go off Fashion 101 and you will go into legal practice more in 2014?
Sandra: Exactly. Joining an organisation to offer free legal services.Details soon.

Francis: Thank you. Tell me Sandra, are you in a relationship at the moment?

Sandra: No I’m not.

Francis: Why are you not? Not enough good men out there? The good ones are taken? Not interested or not ready?

Sandra: I LOVE love. I just haven’t found my Adam. If he’s out there, please let him know I’m looking for him .

Francis: How would he know? What are your benchmark qualities? Good looks and manners? Money and looks? Money?

Sandra: Someone I can talk to and laugh with all night long. He has to be ambitious, compassionate, and we must connect on a magical level. It’s unexplainable. It’s a feeling. Indescribable! He must be tall.

Francis: Good to know. Back to TV3, how does it feel hosting a morning show with the team? I feel it’s crowded.

Sandra: I love the show. I learn a lot from the various segments. The team is great and we work together well. The only time you see all four of us together is when we introduce the show and when we wrap up.

Francis: You want to clear the air on that friendship brouhaha the press has raised between you and Yvonne Nelson?

Sandra: Oooohhh Francis! Are we still on that? It’s 2014!

Francis: Are you friends? Were you friends? What’s the big deal either?

Sandra: We are cool. I’ve said it so many times, I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. There’s absolutely no story there. I’m glad you mentioned that it’s the press that raised all the brouhaha.

Francis: Cool. To conclude, what would be Sandra Ankobiah’s legacy in broadcasting, showbiz and law?

Sandra: That the world was a better place because I made an impact in the life of one person.

Francis: Thank you for your time and answers, Sandra.

Sandra: My pleasure. Enjoyed it. Many thanks.

Source: Graphic Showbiz



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