Fight During Funeral Service of Ronnie Coches At Osu Cemetery Didn’t Affect Funeral Proceedings

ImageThe mortal remains of the late Ronnie Coches being lowered in his grave

The mortal remains of a member of Buk Bak, Ronnie Coches have been laid to rest at the Osu Cemetery Saturday after a funeral service at the National Theatre.

The musician, born Ronnie Nii Quarshikumah Coches Quainoo, 36, died on November 21, 2013 at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital after suffering a heart attack.

Preceding the burial was a wake-keeping at the National Theatre where hundreds of fans of the late musician, including some musicians, filed past his body and also paid their last respects.

About 800 persons, including family members, fans and musicians attended the funeral service on Saturday. Tributes read by the parents, children and other groups.

Some of the known musicians at the funeral services were Samini, Edem, Captain Planet, CoDed, Lucky Mensah, Kwaw Kese, Praye Honeho, Castro, Pope Skinny, Stonebowy, Abrewa Nana, and Prince Bright, who was in the group with Ronnie Coaches.

A female preacher, believed to be in her 40s, who attempted to preach at the funeral service, nearly marred the solemn ceremony. The woman, holding a Bible and wearing a violet long dress with a creamy head scuff, started preaching unexpectedly.

According to’s David Andoh, who was at the venue, the preacher suddenly diverted her message and started raining insults on Ghana’s president John Dramani Mahama.

David Andoh reported that a young man at the venue “approached the woman and advised her to leave the place but the woman resisted.” A quarrel subsequently ensued between the two.

The young man, believed to be in his late 20s, forcibly lifted the woman and carried her to the entrance of the funeral grounds with the aim of getting her out of the venue.

That action, David Andoh added, attracted a third person, who wasn’t pleased with the young man’s action. He then confronted the young man and inquired why he lifted the woman.

The man tried unsuccessfully to carry the young man, which got the young man very angry, he slapped the man, lifted him and threw him to the cemented ground. The man crashed his fore head to the ground and got bruised.

The incident lasted for some few minutes but did not affect the funeral proceedings.

The family of late Ronnie Coches is expected to hold a memorial service in the musician’s honour at the Success Chapel, Bubuashie in Accra on Sunday, February 2.



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