My catchy titles make me different – Guru


If one is asked to mention one unique thing about Guru’s songs, what may readily come to mind is the catchy titles he gives to his works. Very often, they tend to become household terms.

Lapaz Toyota, Boys Abre, Bonsam Ani are some of the titles of his songs that have instantly become terms that have been used by majority of Ghanaians.

Speaking to Graphic  Showbiz last Tuesday, Guru said he chooses his titles carefully to make him stand out from his peers.

“I always want to be different. That is why the lyrics and titles of my songs are different from my peers. I do well to bring out a catchy term which appeals to people. Terms like Lapaz Toyota, Boys Abre are but a few examples.

“ I believe as an artiste, you need to be creative to come out with something extraordinary and I always make it happen because I think deep” Guru added.

Throwing light on how he comes up with such titles, Guru said “it may sound strange but I came by almost all the titles of my songs in church. Anytime I communicate with God at church, I come out with these interesting terms which I eventually use as titles of my songs”.

Guru went  on to explain that sometimes, the title of his songs may sound controversial but what people should listen to is the lyrics which is more important.

“When I released Boys Abre Alkayida, people said I was promoting terrorism but I was rather encouraging the youth who are going through hardship to know that no situation is permanent and things shall be well with them one day.

Guru, whose latest single, Bonsam Ani, has been well received is working on his third album.

Source: Graphic Showbiz


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