Ronnie Remains On My Mind – Prince Bright

Ronnie and Prince Bright

Six months after the death of his buddy-buddy, Ronnie Coaches, Prince Bright, the other half of the hiplife duo, Buk Bak says he is yet to pick up the pieces let alone record a new song.

Speaking in a telephone interview from his US base last Saturday, Bright sounded completely down and shaken, almost as if Ronnie had just died. “I wake up in the morning and the next thing I ask myself is where is Ronnie? I am not feeling cool at all,” he said.

Ronnie Coaches died on November 21, 2013 at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital after a short illness. The hit songs he and Bright have been popular for include Komi Ke kena, Gonja Barracks, U4 Know, Chingilingi, Klu Blofo, Oburoni, Tankase and Kolom.

“All we did and talked about was music” Bright told Showbiz. “He would often call and ask me, ‘what are you doing in America? Come and let’s make music.’ We have done so much on all platforms but there was still a lot to be done.

“Ronnie used to push everything. He was the motivator. Let’s do this and he gets it done. He was my eyes and ears. I was the baby in Buk Bak, he was always pampering me. I am still in shock,” he said.

“Ronnie respected himself and we both stayed out of trouble, our office  was music, music was his everything. We never smoked or drank alcohol and we always believed in ourselves and never had a beef with anyone. We used to have our little fights, just the two of us. We fought to achieve good results,” he said.

Considering how peaceful Ronnie was, Bright said he was very sad that all sorts of things were said about Ronnie after he passed on.

“We are all human beings and it hurts so badly some of the things I heard being said about my brother,” he said.

Bright said that they had lots of songs ready to go and Ronnie was working so hard waiting for him to come down so they could shoot the music videos.

“As you know we don’t go by the trend, we sing from our hearts.”

Their last hit song before the death of Ronnie, Kolom, according to Bright, was clothing very well in Ireland and the US.

“I miss music but I miss Ronnie more. I don’t know where to start from and where to end. I am looking up to God to make a way for me.

Bright used the opportunity to thank all who mourned with him before, during and after the burial of Ronnie Coaches.

Source: Graphic Showbiz


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