New Updates On The Search For Castro And Janet Bandu

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According to one of the people that are part of the rescue team in search for Ghanaian rapper Castro and his girlfiriend Janet Bandu, who was interviewed by Adom FM on Monday July 7, the ride was supposed to last 30 minutes. When Castro and Janet Bandu didn’t show up after 30 minutes, the owners of the jet ski thought that something wasn’t right. The owners tracked the jet ski in their tracking system

and realised where it ended and had to call some of their lifeguards to follow up. When they went, they only found the jet ski. That is when the alarm was raised and the search started. They called in some fisherman and other people to search for them for a long period of time. When they weren’t able to find them, that was when the news came out to the public.

Castro didn’t pick up Janet Bandu at Aqua Safari Resort but at Peace Holiday Resort. The distance between the two resorts is almost 1 km. The distance from Aqua Safari to the estuary is almost 5 km. It has been said that they used the jet ski from Aqua Safari Resort to the estuary.

The interviewee also mentioned that if they rode the jet ski only on the river, that was not a problem but once they entered to the estuary, that is where the Volta River and the sea meet, where the turbulence is strong. The police are still searching for Castro and Janet Bandu till nightfall. The military sent some helicopters to search in search for them. According the interviewee, the local people have said that it usually takes about three days before dead bodies that go to sea resurface.

Another person who is part  of the rescue team suggested that the chief of Ada and the fetish priests should come together to perform some rituals for the bodies to come ashore, that is if they are really dead.

It’s a taboo to go the river on tuesdays in Ghana. It is believed by the people that worship gods that the spirits in the river will come out. It’s not known whether they come in human form or not but if a human being goes to the river on that day, the person could die.

Moreover, he said that the helicopters that searching for Castro and Janet Bandu are not helpful but rather sea divers and submarines.

It is not clear whether the search will continue tomorrow.


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