New Updates: Asamoah Gyan Didnt Collapse, Search For Castro And Janet Still Ongoing

castro janet

Many reports were published online that Asamoah Gyan collapsed and went to the hospital after the disappearance of Hiplife artiste Castro  on Sunday July 6 but that is false. According to Castro’s manager, DJ Amess, who was interviewed by Adom Fm on Tuesday July 8, he never collapsed but has been weeping.

The search for Castro and Janet has been going since tuesday morning. The rescue team were given permission by the chief of Ada and fetish priests to continue searching for them. Initially, some rituals were performed by the fetish priests in Ada. In my previous article, I wrote it is a taboo to go the river on tuesdays in Ghana.

A self-proclaimed spiritualist named Mallam Djeta from Nsawam in the Eastern Region was also interviewed by Adom FM and claimed that Castro is alive and that the ‘Maame Water, also known as a mermaid – a mythical sea creature that has the body of a woman from head to waist and the body of a fish from waist downwards, wants to marry Castro and let him return in three years’ time.  Moreover, Castro’s family can come to him (Mallam Djeta)  so that he performs some rituals at the river in Ada to beg the ‘Maame Water’ to release Castro. The ‘Maame Water’ wanted to take Asamoah Gyan as well but due to the strong protection he has from God, it didn’t happen. He warned that Asamoah Gyan should be prayerful. If he is on a river again, the ‘Maame Water’ might have a chance in taking him too.

Read more about Mallam Djeta here.





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