Kamboyine Dance (KS Reloaded Dancing To Kamboyine By Maro)


“Kamboyine” is a word from an indigenous language {Lusoga} from the Eastern part of Uganda that means “he/she has seen me”. In this context the artiste {Maro} tells a love story as a secret admirer and he says “She might have finally seen me”. The story is told in three local languages and English.

The Audio was produced By Dr Fizol at Zue Records and mastered from Avie Records by the same producer.
The video concept was put together by the artiste and the videographer and director, Meddie menz. This dance oriented video has a villager story told according to the lyrics and Original dances choreographed by a group of new uprising dance group “KS reloaded” that match the African beats. We chose to shoot this from rural parts of Jinja to also honor the Language and artistes’ origin.



Twitter: @marovocalpolice, @Humblemanagemnt
Facebook.com/ Ronaldmaro.
Website: http://www.maroziki.com
Instagram: IG @Ronaldmaro
E-mail address: humblemanagement2@gmail.com

Source: Youtube Channel @Solomon Xavier


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