Kansiime Meets Lupita Nyong’o


When Uganda’s Top Comedian Anne Kansiime and world renowned Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o met, it was bound to be total madness! The two celebrities had a memorable encounter recently.

Some people may wonder if a star can be star-struck by a fellow star. Well, what happened to Kansiime when she met Lupita was the perfect example of being star-struck. The comedian who had lunch with the ‘12 Years A Slave’ movie star yesterday revealed her excitement to her fans by saying, “First of all, I could hardly speak, I was screaming inside, I had a thousand questions to ask but instead stared at her throughout.” She further goes on to praise the actress for her humility, “She is so real, so botanical indeed, she hasn’t forgotten herself at all and am still recovering from the whole experience.”

But the feeling turned out to be mutual when Lupita said, “Monday Moment of Magic with the one and only Ann Kansiime. Funniest Ugandan period.” They shared their vast experiences in the limelight and red carpet moments. The Hollywood star jokingly ‘Messed With Kansiime.’ What followed next? Am sure the pictures here can tell it all..

Source: msetoea.com


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