We Left Spider Lee Entertainment Because They Did Some Things That We Didn’t Like – Keche


KECHE was on Y 107.9 FM’s Myd Morning Show with Trigmatic to celebrate one year after the release of their hit single Diabetes.

The duo, Andrew and Joseph said they had to shoot the visuals of Diabetes with three directors to get it right.

KECHE known for hits including Aluguntugui and Pressure said Ghanaian promoters weren’t giving them the respect they deserved.

“To tell you the truth, the fans are doing their best but the organizers are not doing enough. When the foreign acts fly in, the treatment is different, meanwhile we rock the stage better than most of these artist. These foreign acts get bouncers and nice backstage treatment than us most often than not. But we travel outside Ghana and the reception is great. We were at the African Movie Academy awards and the reception for us was awesome.”

Currently under GB Records run by George Britton, KECHE revealed they left Spider Lee Entertainment because they did things they the duo didn’t like;

“We are no more working with Spider Lee Entertainment, it was a mutual agreement to for both parties to move on, there was some things they did that we didn’t like so we had to back out. Sometimes when artists and management part ways, people think it’s the artist who cause the break up. This time round we proved everyone wrong because ours was mutual but behind the scenes there were some things Spider Lee did that we didn’t like.

And people thought that was going to be our end after leaving but we went to the US came back and dropped Diabetes and it’s all over.

Source: YFMGhana.com


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