Sonnie Badu Reacts To Yaw Siki’s Statement About Rejecting His Financial Assistance

sonnie badu
UK-based Gospel artiste Sonnie Badu expressed his views on Instagram about Yaw Siki rejecting his financial assistance.

In an interview with media personality Mz Gee, Yaw Siki mentioned that he doesn’t have a lot of cash but that he is satisfied and rich in the spirit.

This video touched Sonnie Badu in wanting to assist Yaw Siki financially. Yaw Siki told Graphic Showbiz that his rejection of the benevolence was because Sonnie Badu rather chose to make his kind gesture public rather than contacting him privately.

Quoting scriptures to support his decision, Yaw Siki told Graphic Showbiz in an interview that it was dishonourable for people to make their good deeds known to others just for human praise.

“I’m not saying that it was his intention to get praises for the intended act but it wasn’t right to make it known to everyone.

I know that life hasn’t been easy since I gave my life to Christ but the truth is that, I just had to reject my senior brother’s offer,” he said backing his position with Mathew 6:1-4 in the Bible.

“That isn’t to say that I don’t appreciate it but of what good is a blessing when you make your good deeds public for human praise.

“If he truly wanted to assist, he could have contacted me first without making it public. I’m not in support of that because my Christian beliefs are against that so upon careful consideration, I had to turn down the offer,” he said.

This was Sonnie Badu’s first reaction on Instagram:

Yaw Siki already has three Gospel singles out and not one. I don’t have anything against Sonnie Badu. In my opinion, he should have contacted Yaw Siki first to tell him that he wanted to assist him financially.

Sonnie Badu wrote his second reaction on Instagram and according to him, he has closed the chapter:



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