Exclusive Interview: Wofai talks about meeting Eddy Kenzo for the first time, her upcoming movie and more

Wofai Ewa, popularly known as Wofai Fada, is a 25-year-old Nigerian MC, TV presenter, actress and comedienne based in Nigeria. She is known for her hilarious skits on Instagram and has over 160.000 followers.

She was born in Cross Rivers State, Nigeria. Wofai took a course in Theatre & Media Studies at the University of Calabar.

According to Wofai, she was making skits for fun when she started in 2014. Little did she know that it would actually take her far.

Her first hosting gig was at the MTN Lovers Ball in 2015.

Ugandan artiste Eddy Kenzo was recently in Nigeria and met Wofai. He thought her how to dance Sitya Loss. The popular music video was released in March 2014. A couple of ghetto kids were dancing in the viral video. When asked how she came in contact with Eddy, she said: “Well, I’ve been a fan of Eddy Kenzo since the release of the Sitya Loss music video when I was still in the university. I really love the video because he gathered some ghetto kids to shoot the video with. I was happy with the video. I sent him a DM. I was like: ‘Wow. Nice one. Nice job’. He told me that he’s actually my fan. ‘You’re Wofai, right?’, he asked. ‘Yes’, I replied. He told me that he would let me know when he would come to Nigeria. This occurred two years ago. We’ve kept in touch once in a while since then. When he came to Nigeria, I told him that I would definitely dance to that song with him. We hooked up and we shot the video.”

When I asked her how he is in person, she said: “He’s actually down-to-earth. A lot of celebrities wouldn’t do what he did. He’s very humble.”

The popular Instagram personality is planning to come out with her own comedy show called The Wofai Show. “Well, I’m just trying to portray the different shades of Wofai. I’m versatile. In the comedy show, you’ll see me playing the role of a prophetess and probably see me playing the role of an okada rider the following day. I don’t normally laugh at my jokes but when I watched the show, I was laughing. It’s not officially out yet. We’ll market it to a comedy channel first to see if they can buy it.”

She talked about the challenges she faced when she started making skits. “When I started making skits, I didn’t have any video editing equipments. So I had to record and pause. It was stressful when I was recording directly from Instagram. That was the challenge at the time.”

Moreover, she spoke about how it is like working with comedians such as AphricanApe06, Craze Clown and EmmaOhMaGod. “It’s very easy to make a skit with your fellow comedian because he understands the idea. He even adds more to whatever you’re trying to explain. So when I’m shooting a video with any comedian especially Dami Olatunde (AphricanApe06), it doesn’t take up to ten minutes and then we’re done.”

“I did a skit with a guy called Twyse (also known as Ereme Abraham). He’s very creative. When I found out that he’s good, I thought of doing something together with him. I gave him an idea. The video was perfect. It went viral.”

Apart from coming out with her comedy show, Wofai plans on producing her own movie as well. “It’s a romantic comedy movie. I’m still writing the script but it will be very interesting.”

When I asked her what advice she would give to people that want to make skits, she said: “When you want to start making skits, you have to be very innovative. Twyse is very creative. That is why I appreciate his skits. Klinton Cod is good as well.”

This is my favourite skit by Wofai so far:

Follow her on the following social media platforms:

Instagram: Wofaifada
Facebook: Wofai Fada
Twitter: Wofai1
Youtube: Wofai Fada

Source: pniridescent.com


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