BattaBox video: Bolly works at the best buka in Lagos

In Nigeria, life can be difficult and people would do anything just to earn a living, like washing plates, cleaning floors, etc.

Today on the Hustle, Bolly Lomo works in a roadside restaurant in Lagos as a cleaner. His responsibilities include washing plates, cleaning tables, floors and helping to cook. He also shows you how food is prepared in a roadside restaurant.

“I’ve been washing plates for the past 40 minutes,” Bolly said.

Roadside restaurants like this in Lagos are mostly referred to as a ‘Buka’ where Nigerian foods like Amala and Jollof Rice  are locally made and most average Nigerians eat their breakfast and most especially lunch in places like this.

Bolly started off washing plates, mopping the floor and cleaning tables before helping in the kitchen, which is his favorite part.

The hustle helps us appreciate the menial jobs some people do for little income in Lagos.

Source: Youtube BattaBox/


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