Poem written by Phyllis Ntim: Change

citifm pic 5I wrote a poem about my country Ghana and the Accra floods. It has been raining heavily in the country since 9 June, 2016. The Accra floods has flooded a lot of houses and premises. It’s sad to see drastic measures haven’t been made ever since the disastrous Accra floods and explosion took a lot of lives on 3 June, 2015.

Oh my motherland Ghana!
Oh how I love you!
But I don’t understand why you’re not really being taken good care of
Why haven’t drastic measures been taken since the 2015 disastrous Accra Floods which occurred in June?
Why are there still open gutters in Ghana?
They say Ghana is the gateway to Africa but the country is still not modernized as it should be
Many people long for a better Ghana but there is still no change
We have the resources but they are not really being used
Why do bad things have to happen first sometimes before measures are taken?
If the former president Kwame Nkrumah was still alive, he wouldn’t be happy about the current bad situations Ghana is facing
I’m longing for a better government who will turn certain situations around;
Bring changes millions of Ghanaians are expecting for Ghana with the help of God
Many people are crying everywhere because of lack of help and resources;
New roads need to be made
Crumbling roads need to be fixed
For how long will sorrow fill our hearts?
When will change come to Ghana?
Oh God! Help us!
Change starts from you, people!
Stop littering open gutters;
Make it your responsibility to keep your environment clean
Trash cans and recycle bins need to be installed almost everywhere in the country
Why aren’t the right things still not done to improve conditions in Ghana?
Many simple and complex situations which should have been solved longtime ago, are neglected.
Change starts from you!

Written by Phyllis Ntim

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June 9 floods

Accra sinks in floods

Source: pniridescent.com


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