Photos, videos+food reviews: The African Food and Drink Takeover 2016

ethio-veg4I attended the second day of The African Food and Drink Takeover on Saturday 3 September, 2016, which was organised by Pop Up Africa. The three-day event (from 2-4 Sept) was held at the Southbank Centre, London.

In celebration of Africa and its many robust cuisines, Southbank Centre Square was transformed into a bustling street-food market.

Over 35 vendors were present showcasing and selling authentic African cuisines from many countries such as Ethiopia, Jamaica, Ghana and Nigeria. Kenya Indian and Liberian Sierra Leonian cuisines were showcased and bought there as well.






I interviewed Bolu, who is part of the Love Chin Chin company.
Chin Chin is a West-african snack. I had a taste of four flavours. I liked the lemon flavour the most. I bought it as well. The products are available in over 400 ASDA stores nationwide. Also, they are available in 90 selected TESCO stores.

chin-chin-love-1Love Chin Chin (Flavours from left to right: cinnamon and lemon)


I interviewed Eliza Jones from Chosan By Nature to get to know more about the organic drinks that the company sells.

Chosan means ‘cultural heritage’ in Wollof, one of the languages spoken in Gambia. These are the following drinks the company sells: Pure Hibiscus, Hibiscus with Refreshing Mint, Hibiscus with Fiery Ginger and Baobab Superfruit Drink.

Hibiscus has been used for thousands of years as a refreshing beverage. The baobab fruit pulp is packed with vitamins, minerals and antixodants, which help to boost immunity, metabolism and energy levels.

Chosan drinks are both low in calories and sugar. There aren’t any preservatives, artificial additives or colourings included in the drinks.


chosan-3Wonjo, an organic drink

Furthermore, I interviewed Emeka Frederick, who is the co-founder of Chuku’s. It is the creation of London born brother-sister duo Emeka (é-meh-ka) and Ifeyinwa (i-fay-in-wa). The focus is on Nigerian tapa’s. I tasted Moi Moi (pronounced as either moy moy, moin moin, moyin moyin or mai mai), a traditional Nigerian food made with steamed ground beans and enriched with spices, which was quite good.











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