Tracey Boakye attacks actress over NDC endorsement car comment

Tracey Boakye has proven in recent times that you can make any allegation against her and go scot-free but not when you accuse her of taking car from the ruling party, NDC.

One actress called Jessica Williams is the latest Ghanaian to experience the Kumawood star’s wrath after she claimed on Peace FM Thursday evening that NDC has given Tracey a brand new car.

The up and coming actress told host of the show, Kwasi Aboagye prior to the “Vera” actress’ reaction that she, Tracey Boakye endorsed the ruling government ahead of the 2016 polls due to the goodies that come with the endorsement deal.

According to her, Tracey is not following NDC because she believes in the vision of the party but for her own benefit. All these while, The CEO of Shakira Movie Production was on phone quietly listening to the accusations. The “TV Atikopo” producer when given the chance to respond to the claims went tantrum on her.

The mother of one who sounded angry asked Jessica where she knows her from to allege that the ruling government bought the car she currently uses. Tracey made it clear that she does not know Jessica Williams even though they are in the same industry.

The voluptuous actress denied the accusation leveled against her and added that she has been driving since age 21.

“I don’t know her from anywhere. I just read something from Facebook a while ago and that is when I saw her.

She said we all know Tracey and all of a sudden they changed my car when I popped up. That means she knows me but the way she is talking it means she does not know what she is saying. How can you say that all of a sudden they have changed my car without knowing me before I endorsed the president? I was not walking before I threw my weight behind Mahama.

I’ve been driving since I was 21 years. I’ve been living my good life so where from this accusation if someone is doing something good and I’m praising?

What do you mean we all know Tracey? Where do you know me? How do you know me to tell me that they bought me a car? What do you mean by that?

Where from the car issue that NDC gave it to me?” Tracey Boakye spoke at length in an angry, impassioned way to her colleague actress.

Miss Williams replying Tracey said her accusations are based on what is written online. reported not long ago that Tracey Boakye’s boyfriend has proposed to her with a 2016 Toyota Camry car.


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