I don’t know why people compare me to Mzbel. She is a different person – Ebony

Fast-rising Dancehall artiste Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng, a.k.a. Ebony, has received a lot of criticisms for the way she dresses, which is described as seductive or ‘semi nude’. She revealed on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review on Saturday 2 September, that that is who she is.

“I don’t know why people compare me to Mzbel”, Ebony said after a radio presenter mentioned about the scandalous incident of Mzbel at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology in 2005, where she was stripped naked by numerous people after her performance because “she was dressed seductively”.

Furthermore, the 20-year-old artiste said that she is different from Mzbel, likewise their brands.

Mzbel used to dress semi-nude in her music career.

According to Graphic Showbiz, Mizbel said that her plea and cries for mercy couldn’t even stop her attackers.

“I was screaming, yelling, crying and begging them to stop but they were so many and seemed too aggressive to stop,” she said.

“After my first performance, the students asked me to perform again which I did. But even after the performance, they will just not let me leave. They were screaming, yelling for more,” she said.

Mzbel said she told them she could not perform. “But they will not just listen.”

“When my crew and I were leaving the auditorium, some of the students came up to me, saying they wanted to take pictures with me. While we were at it, others came from nowhere to shake my hands”.

She said before she knew it, all the students were all over her and so looking for a gateway, she was directed by one of the organizers to use another exit.

“Unfortunately, that exit was like a big window through which I had to jump,” she said. Just when I was about to jump, someone grabbed hold of my legs and within a twinkle of an eye, there were a whole mob of students pulling my legs.”

She said some of the organizers of the show, in an attempt to set her free from the grip of the students, began to pull her upper part from the opposite direction. But that did not help.

Mzbel said before she knew it, her trousers and her underpant had been pulled down while others, who had gone to join the organizers at the other side, also pulled up her jacket and blouse.

“They revealed everything by pulling my pants and trousers down to my knee”, she said.

When asked how she was finally freed, she said some good Samaritans took off their belts and began to whip the attackers to disperse them.

After Ebony was asked what her brand is, she replied: “I’m Ebony – the bad girl brand, but very talented”. According to her, the word ‘bad’ attached to her brand doesn’t mean that she is literally a bad person but everything that she does in a ‘bad’ way is positive.

Source: pniridescent.com


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