Goals! New year, New me?

This New Year’s eve cliche has existed for as long as I can remember as a mantra for people that believe that with every new year, comes a new beginning and a fresh clean slate at life.

New-Year-New-MeI bet you are one of those that made a couple of new year resolutions for the year 2017. Get a better paying job, explore some new places and perhaps get started on a gym routine to help you achieve that Hollywood body you’ve always fantasized about. As the year comes to an end, have you achieved any of your set goals or has procrastination taken a toll on you?

What is procrastination? It is simply the act of postponing or delaying progress habitually or intentionally. University of Scranton research suggests that of the 45% Americans that set New year resolutions, only 8% achieve them. So, what happens to the remaining 37%? Are you setting the wrong goals or are you barely giving it your all?


If you’re looking at making the most of your New year, here’s how you can set clear and achievable goals for 2018.

  • Write down your goals. Clearly outline your goals in a to do list and be sure to put them where you can see them easily preferably on a daily basis. For example keeping a journal or pinning a sticky note to your workstation or refrigerator at home acts as a constant reminder. Endeavor to set specific and measurable goals that motivate you to be the best version of yourself.


  • Make an action plan. How are you going to achieve your set goals? If you’re looking to lose weight then consider starting on a health diet together with registering for membership at a local gym. Also remember to cross out goals that you have completed such that you know what you have left on the to do list.
  • Evaluate and adjust your goals. It is important to assess what worked? What didn’t work? What could be done differently to achieve a better result? A year is made up of 12 months, so why not break down your evaluation process into three quarters to help you keep up with bettering your result.


It is important to make resolutions because it gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. Setting goals helps you to focus your knowledge, skills, time and resources so that you can make the most of your life.

Source; pniridescent.com


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