Woman Under Quarantine Commends Ghana Government for Measures against Covid-19

A woman by the name of Shirley flew to Accra recently with KLM. She narrated in an audio what transpired upon arrival at Kotoka International Airport till when she was taken to a remote location to be quarantined for 14 days. It is unknown on which day she arrived.

She said that when she and the travellers arrived, they were told that they had to be mandatorily quarantined. They were screened. Once all the passengers from a particular flight were there and their bags were with them, they entered into buses by the Ghana Armed Forces to a hotel.

She didn’t disclose the name of the hotel. Information which reached Phyllis Ntim on Sunday 22 March, 2020 is that passengers who flew with KLM from Amsterdam to Accra on 22 March were taken to an expensive hotel and are currently under quarantine. They are yet to be tested.

Shirley said she is “quite impressed with the arrangement that have been put in place”. Furthermore, she said after entering the hotel, they were given a room. Breakfast is taken to their rooms. They were not tested on the same day upon arriving at the hotel but they will be tested.

Airport checks for corona virus at Kotoka International Airport

Below is the audio

Source: pniridescent.com


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