Under Quarantine in Ghana – The Experiences by Some Travellers

In the weekend of week 12 of this year, travellers who flew to Ghana with airlines such as KLM and British and arrived at Kotoka International Airport, were taken to some of the expensive hotels in Accra to be mandatiroly quarantined. Their rooms and food are all at the expensive of the government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. The buses of the Ghana Armed Forced Forces were set it in at the airport to take them to the hotel.

Listen to the audio of a woman under quarantine who spoke about the conditions by clicking here

How is it like being under quarantine in Ghana? I spoke to a Ghanaian man (name witheld) who flew from Amsterdam to Accra with KLM on Sunday 22March, 2020. Currently, he is under quarantine at one of the upscale 4-star hotels. According to him, he receives breakfast which includes fruits.
He can order any type of food for the afternoon and evening. What he did say is that the hold luggages are stored in a storage room but the hand luggage can be kept in the room. The security is very tight there. He is not the only one that has commended the president for this arrangement. Some other travellers have come out on social media to do so too. Tests weren’t done on the same day that he and the rest of the travellers arrived in Ghana who took the same plane with him.

I am very impressed in the precautions that the government has put in place against Covid-19 and the arrangements for the travellers who flew from overseas over the weekend and are under quarantine in some luxurious hotels in Accra.

Source: pniridescent.com


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