Hearing drummer Emmanuel Afriyie sing for the first time took me by surprise!

Elsjam Comeback Session
© PN Iridescent / Phyllis Ntim

This year’s Elsjam event titled ‘Elsjam Comeback Session’, took place at Doka inside Volkshotel in Amsterdam on Thursday 9 June, 2022. It is an event where you can enjoy music and see the showcase of talents of people from drummers, singers to saxophonists. The brain behind it is popular drummer Emmanuel Afriyie.

Emmanuel Afriyie

Before the pandemic hit, the previous edition took place in 2019. This time around, there was more attendance than in 2019.

What surprised me as the event started was me hearing Emmanuel singing for the first time. 2 talented, female singers who go by the names of Elique Curiel and Sherefa Yorks, backed him up with their vocals.

Source: pniridescent.com


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