Phyllis Ntim Interviews Van Vicker

Phyllis Ntim and Van Vicker at Vantastic Grill

During my trip in Ghana in March 2021, I decided to go to Vantastic Grill, the restaurant of award-winning actor and entrepreneur Joseph van Vicker, who is of Ghanaian, Liberian and Dutch descents.
It is located at Spintex Road.

The restaurant was launched on 10 January, 2021. The food that I ordered was good.

In this interview, you will get to know the genesis of his restaurant, how he came up with the name Vantastic Grill, his interest in expanding in Ghana and in abroad, and also how his business is doing in this pandemic.

“The idea was to do more deliveries and sit-ins, and if I wanna do more deliveries, I really don’t need a big space,” he said after I asked the reason of the restaurant having a small space.

He has plans of expanding his business through franchise and opening branches in Ghana and in abroad. If you want to make use of a franchise in your country, don’t hesitate to contact him!

Currently, Vantastic Grill is temporarily closed effective 5 September, 2022 for restructuring. This was made known by Vantastic Grill on the Instagram page.

Below is the interview:



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