Phyllis Ntim interviews Tula Secrets Part 1

Tula Secrets is a Ghana-based company that provides herbal solutions to women with problems such as menstrual cramps and infections. It was established in June, 2019.

In the first publication of interview that I had with Tula Secrets on 13 January 2023, you will get to know more about Tula Secrets, the inception of the company and its purpose. Some of the products that are being sold are AjuTula Herbal Mixture, Herbotula Paste, Dulce (formerly known as Titty Flicker) and Froggy Steam. With over 13,7K followers on Instagram, Tula Secrets has an overflow of positive and consistent testimonials from women.

Phyllis Ntim: What is Tula Secrets?
Tula Secrets: Tula Secrets is about sunrise. It is a company where women come to surrender their fears. The fear of being pregnant for not seeing her period. The fear of losing her man because of low libido and vaginal odor. The fear of battling with infections for using a public restroom. 

Tula Secrets is also about the community. We have a growing community on IG with currently over 13k followers and about 5k unique customers who buy from us every now and then. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we distributed over 250 bottles of our chocolate paste to students at the university of Ghana on the 6th of March last year.

Tula Secrets is also about family. It’s about putting a smile on the face of a child. Quite recently, I had a client who shared her review with us. She’s a wife and a mother. Her first child, who happens to be 3 years old, at some point started feeling bored. She wanted another sibling to play with. Client tried having another baby but lost it due to some complications. She’s been praying for another child for the past 1 year. For some reason, she got in touch with us. She got our product and according to her, she is pregnant. Those are the moments we live for. 

Our aim is to create a social impact by empowering women with innovative and affordable products and services.

Phyllis Ntim: What product did your customer buy?
Tula Secrets: Usually, when someone reaches out to us and has an issue with fertility, we advise the person to get our AjuTula juice and the Herbotula Paste. If you want to get pregnant, one of the things you need to look out for is infection. Both products protect the egg cells. AjuTula cures one from infections, odor and irregular menstruation. It regulates weight. Herbotula paste regulates your hormones. It will help increase your pleasure sensors and get you wet for easy penetration.

Phyllis Ntim: How did you come up with the name Tula Secrets?
Tula Secrets: Tula emanates from one of our major raw materials called Goron Tula. The English name for Goron Tula is snot apple but it’s popularly known for its Hausa name called Goron Tula.
Currently, we have nine products with seven of them having the Goron Tula fruit as the base.

The secret part of the company name is meant to be the consultancy part of the business. It is part of the long term vision of the company. Currently, we are operating a Freemium service by engaging experts such as doctors to share their expert knowledge on popular topics to our followers. The recent engagement was on infections. We are developing a consultancy platform where we link experts to users in the near future.

So you can engage any of our experts from the comfort of your home. Experts will help troubleshoot your challenges and help provide a solution to it. The consultancy side of the business is embodied in our logo in the form of a question mark. It’s in a form of a key hole which symbolizes the discovery of things unknown.

Phyllis Ntim: In which year was the company established?
Tula Secrets: It was established in June, 2019. One of my colleagues sang praises of the fruit to me.
So we started doing some research on it and it took us about 6 months to start operations. One of the key milestones was getting our first order from Nigeria. We started by selling the fruits before we started producing the processed ones. The processed products such as our mixture, paste and syrup comes with added benefits largely because of the additional herbs we infuse into them.

Part 2 of the interview will be published soon.

The benefits of Herbotula Paste, which was formerly known as Tula Xocolat, are enumerated in the image below.

To make a purchase of any of the products, contact Tula Secrets on +233244275520.

The Black Wednesday Promo starts on 8 February, 2023.


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