Phyllis Ntim Interviews Jimoh B. Samsideen

Mad Over You‘, ‘The Land is Green‘, ‘Campus Couple‘, ‘Mama B Kitchen‘. Do they ring a bell in your ears? I’m sure they do if you have watched those animation series by Splendid TV. It is an animation company founded by Jimoh B. Samsideen, who is a Nigerian animator, content creator and a film-maker. He was born and raised in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Jimoh has been creating cartoons professionally for more than ten years. He has worked with Business Day Newspaper as a cartoonist and illustrator. Click the link to listen to the old interview that I had with him in 2019.

In a Facebook live interview that I had with Jimoh on Saturday 21 January, 2023, he said that he has always wanted to be animator. He grew up watching Tony & Jerry, Alice in Wonderland, Pinky and the Brain. At the time that he wanted to learn about animation, there were no animation schools then.
He opted to study a course that is close to animation, which is Visual Arts at Lagos State Polytechnic. Jimoh is a self-taught animator. Moreover, he is into tv-commercials as well.

Season 2 of The Land is Green will be premiered on the Youtube channel of Splendid TV on Sunday 22 January, 2023.

Another good news is that he has deals with some tv stations to create content for children.

Watch the interview here.



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