Phyllis Ntim Interviews Samsideen B. Jimoh

The Nigerian-based animator Samsideen B. Jimoh is the man behind Splendid Cartoon and is popularly known for creating ‘Side Chick’ and ‘Mad Over You’ web series.

He was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

Splendid Media Studio was established ten years ago. Also, Samsideen has been creating cartoons professionally for ten years. After he completed his education, he worked with Business Day Newspaper as a cartoonist and illustrator.

Alábohun The Greedy Tortoise is a new series for children which will be aired on TV. It is based on Yoruba folktale stories embedded with moral lessons. Samsideen disclosed that Campus Couple is a new web series which is about romance on campus and the repercussions of certain situations in life after school.It will be released on Youtube in August 2019.

Below is my interview with Samsideen.


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