Over 300,000 people are homeless in the UK – Inades UK President Omotayo Agbaje

The Initiative for the Advancement of Ethical Standard (INADES) is a non-governmental organization registered under the British laws, for the advocacy of improved basic life enhancement tools and to address the decadence of ethical values within societies in the United Kingdom and Nigeria, with plans to extend our humanitarian course to other Sub- Sahara African countries in the long run.

Currently, INADES is executing two projects: provide free public toilets in Nigeria and eradicate homelessness in the UK.

In 2018 World Health Organization and UNICEF revealed that about 2.3 billion people around the world don’t have access to safe sanitation, and practice open defecation instead of using toilets connected to sewer lines. In addition to this, as at 2018, over 108 million Nigerians lack accessible clean toilets (United Nations), 58 million people do not have access to clean water, and over 55,000 children under 5 die as a result of poor water and sanitation (Water Aid). In order to solve this problem, INADES came up with the project Sanaqualav (Sanitation Aqua & Lavatory). The aim is to revolutionize the provision of free public toilet facilities, which will serve more than being just a toilet but a hub.

The following added facilities and services will be in the hub:

  • Solar Panel: For generation of electricity in order to ensure provision of 24hrs constant electricity;
  • First Aid Kit: To provide the collection of supplies and first aid equipments to the public;
  • Information centre: A medium to pass information relevant to the public;
  • Internet Service: Access to internet for the public for a limited time daily;
  • Charging points: A secured and well-structured charging point for the public to charge their mobile phone;
  • Storage: To keep equipment for maintenance;
  • Green sitting area.

“Over 300,000 people are homeless in the UK”, Inades UK president Omotayo Agbaje said in an interview with me. He also mentioned that the UK government is also doing their best to solve this big issue. Every Monday, volunteers of INADES embark on a homeless outreach at Stratford Centre to feed, give clothes to the homeless and engage with them. They start at 7pm. The address is 54A Broadway E15 1NG. There is a possiblity to volunteer with INADES as well. For donations, go to inades.org or call +447931754845.

Listen to the interview that I had with Mr. Agbaje and co-founder Adeyemi Adeboye to get to know more about INADES.


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