Phyllis Ntim Interviews Kwaku Quansah

Kwaku Quansah

Kwaku Quansah is a Ghanaian podcaster and artist. He incorporates his artwork on shoe brands such Converse and Vans.

He was born in Suhum in the Eastern region of Ghana. He’s of Fante descent from the Central region of Ghana.

The name of his podcast is Thoughts On A Mic and it is available on various podcast streaming platforms such as Apple, Spotify, Audible and Soundcloud. “It’s an all-in-all topic/conversation-based podcast”, he said as he and his guests talk about different things except for business and sports.
He mentioned it during a Facebook live interview that I had with him on Saturday14 January, 2023. Some of the topics are lifestyle, relationships, finance, systematic education, human rights and even politics.

Kwaku Quansah is also the co-host and co-creator of The Pod Next Door by Pulse Ghana.
The conversations are centered around breaking down music lyrics, EPs and albums, and also quick fun topics about the artists. Some of the artistes who have appeared on the show are Kidi and Kofi Mole.

Get to know more about Kwaku Quansah’s love for art.



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